About Us



Adrian and Robert, son and father, are part of a family which has roots on a piece of enchanting land over five generations, over seventy-five years. This land has been home to many rural enterprises in that time; now, with Riverhouse Wine and Truffles, we grow grapes and make wine, grow truffles, and run beef cattle. It is also the home landscape for Louise, an artist whose successful career spans several decades.

Adrian has a lengthy career as an agronomist with a focus on viticulture and a variety of horticultural enterprises. He has spent several years working in top Yarra Valley vineyards, with vintage experience also in Champagne. His clients admire his technical knowledge and advice, his practical skills and canny experience, which help them produce consistently good results (and avoid failures). Robert also has a passion for growing things, and has been a part-time farmer on this land for more than four decades.

Vines of many varieties were planted at the start of the millennium, providing many years of experience and experimentation before selected varieties were first produced for sale in 2015. Sustainable practices and minimal intervention in sympathy with the environment are practised to the extent possible. The unique terroir and microclimate of the Acheron Valley provides the framework for careful viticulture to produce distinctive and fine wines.


Oak trees to grow truffles were planted in 2008 and have been producing commercial quantities since 2013. They are prized for their rich aroma and flavour, benefitting from soil that is high in organic matter and a terroir that enjoys the cold winters favourable to truffle production. Again, care is taken to use sustainable practices and to minimise intervention that may be detrimental to the truffles or to the rich and varied fauna life of the valley.

We have built these enterprises through our own hard work; there is a certain satisfaction in that, which splashing money around cannot deliver. We enjoy sharing the results of our labours with others who appreciate the quality of artisan produce. We now achieve gratifying results. We hope you agree.