Shipping & Returns

Products purchased through this website will be shipped in a merchantable, fit-for-use condition and shipped using a reputable delivery service. If the products received are damaged, spoiled, or unfit for your use (see below), you may request a refund by writing to or by contacting us directly by phone (see "Contact us" page). It is important to make this contact as soon as possible after the goods are delivered.

Purchase of wine will be refunded or the wine will be replaced if it arrives damaged (please provide photographic evidence) or if the wine is spoiled or tainted. You may be requested to return the faulty wine by an agreed carrier at our expense. Refunds are not available if the wine is sound but not to your personal taste. Please note that wine descriptions are subjective, as is any person's response to, or preferences in, individual wines. We will be happy to discuss any such circumstances directly with you to ensure satisfactory resolution.

Purchases of truffles will be refunded if the product is not usable when received. Truffles are a perishable product with a limited shelf life, even when refrigerated. They should be used as quickly as possible after receipt.

Truffles will be shipped as described (which may include minor insect damage, but not rot) and sold by relevant grade. Occasionally some small patches of white mould appear on the surface of truffles. This can be washed or brushed off without detriment to the use of the truffle. every attempt will be made to ensure the truffles arrive in good condition.

Weight will be an estimated weight allowing for some loss of moisture, which is a normal process.

It is not always possible to evaluate the whole interior of the truffle from its surface condition. If you have any concerns about the product when you use it, please contact us. Please see our page on the preparation of truffles.